Anonymous said : hi, can you give me a link to a wallet Mandy from "what's in my purse" bc i was searching everywhere and nothing :c pleasee xx 

i can’t find it either :( if someone does, pls let me know! x

Anonymous said : any blogs dedicated to amanda to follow? 

there’s not very many but 




and i know she isn’t a strictly amanda blog but i love love love dresslikeabeautyguru :)

Anonymous said : what are Amanda's Steve Madden white sandals called?? 

they’re called Donddi :)

Anonymous said : How would you describe Amanda's style? 

this is a great question! hmm.. i’d say something like trendy / bold / chic ♥

dovbtful-vibes said : how many followers 

Currently at 6,843 so i’ll be hitting 7k soon & I think I might do a follow spree when I do! Be on the look out ;)